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Hello and welcome to Jollies and Jaunts!

Jollies and Jaunts is a travel blog established in February 2016 and owned and operated by Kaleigh.

I’m a writer by trade but I love to travel and explore the world, so decided it was time to start sharing some of my experiences and tips. I’m based in Manchester, UK and my posts are predominately based on travel in the UK and Europe.

As well as running Jollies and Jaunts, I also have a beer blog named The Ale In Kaleigh which features posts on pubs, breweries and beer news. It has a Manchester focus but does also include some beer travel posts so you may see some links from Jollies and Jaunts to my other site.

If you would like to get in touch with me, here are my contact details and social media information:

Email: kaleigh(AT)jolliesandjaunts.com

Twitter: jolliesnjaunts

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