Visiting Amsterdam on King’s Day 1

Visiting Amsterdam on King's Day

King’s Day (Koningsdag in Dutch) is public holiday in Amsterdam which is celebrated every year on April 27. Formerly known as Queen’s Day, it is an explosion of colour, noise and fun taking over the Dutch capital.

Busy streets during King's Day

Streets bustling with people and orange as far as the eye can see are the main features of the day, as well as the city’s canals being filled with boats with revellers partying, blasting music and having a few drinks with their friends onboard.

Boat party in Amsterdam on King's Day

The streets in the heart of the city are closed to traffic – including the trams being off in the centre – although the bikes that the city is so well known for continue to take over the streets.

There’s a real party atmosphere with stages set up with DJs and performers throughout the city and traders selling orange t-shirts, hats, sunglasses and inflatables.

King's Day in Amsterdam

The residents also set up impromptu performances, including people performing from their balconies!

A resident performs from his balcony on King's Day

Many of the major attractions are closed – and some bars and restaurants also shut their doors on the day (or close earlier). But some of the restaurants set up stalls outside of their places of business to sell food to visitors on the street.

A pub with a temporary outdoor bar for King's Day

It’s worth noting that the streets can get very busy – luckily we only had rucksacks with us while we were squeezing through the roads thronged with people, but we did see other tourists trying to move through with suitcases which didn’t look much fun!

Although the streets do end up quite untidy by the end of the day, the city’s cleaning staff do a fantastic job of sorting out all of the rubbish so that the next morning the vast majority of the mess has been cleaned up and life has returned to normal in Amsterdam.

A bar with orange balloons and bunting for King's Day


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  • Rosie Fluakey

    Oh I am green with envy (that would clash pretty badly wouldn’t it). I have been meaning to visit for King’s Day for a few years but something else always crops up. You have thoroughly inspired my though, I am booking for 2018!!